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Planning a Trip to Iceland with Strangers


What could go wrong?

I've never actually traveled with other people before. I've been traveled to a few other countries, but always solo. I'm an archaeologist, so my major trips have been to archaeological sites in Turkey with some travel before and after. 

This time, though, I'm going to Iceland with Haley (Matt's cousin) and two of her friends. I quite like Haley, though we've never hung out one on one, and I assume she has good taste in friends. It could be a recipe for disaster, but I'm hoping it's amazing. 

The good news? Haley wants to be adventurous on this trip. I'm always down for adventure, and would choose off-the-beaten-path stops over tourist traps nearly every time. For this trip, I think we'll have time for plenty of both. We plan to rent a car so we can go off on our own rather than relying on tour guides. 

We're all getting together this weekend to meet each other before our trip (which is in May), so we'll have a much better idea of how things will go after that. Wish us luck!

Amish Farmers Market Williamstown, NJ

Amish Farmers Market Williamstown, NJ