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My Love/Hate Relationship with Miami

My Love/Hate Relationship with Miami

I just got back from a quick trip to Miami.

I truly feel that we're different people in different places--and while I love taking quick trips to Miami, it's a place that I think would take me in a direction I don't want for my life if I lived there longterm. 

Does that make sense?

Let me explain.

When I'm in Turkey, I feel confident and beautiful with no makeup and without straightening my hair. I have intellectual conversations with amazing groups of people, and don't experience a lot of anxiety.

I think of Turkey as my 'soulplace'--kind of like a soulmate, but a location rather than a person.

When I'm in Miami, I feel like I need to be tanner, thinner, and richer. I get all done up when I go out and about, even to run errands.

It's fun for a while--I like to get all done up and go out into a place where everyone else is beautiful too.

They upgraded our rental car on this trip and we were in this flashy little convertible. It was an absolute blast to drive it!

But longterm? I would find it exhausting.

Let me be clear--I know that not everybody in Miami feels that way or acts that way. 

Plenty of people would be able to live in a place like Miami and remain fully happy with themselves and not become someone who is always craving more. 

I'm not one of them.

It's the effect that Miami has on me

I could see it being an amazing place to live one day--when I've achieved the major goals I've set for my life.

But until then? 

I'll stick to short fun trips.

Are there locations like this for you? Do you have a 'soulplace'? Let me know in the comments below!

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